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About me

A working artist for over 20 years, Scott is currently illustrating the upcoming superhero title, Equilibrium, for Comic House. Set to debut in 2023 and written by Keith Champagne, it is a 5-issue series featuring Captain Canuck, Daredevil, Freelance, and many more proud-Canadian legacy characters spanning back to the 1940s. 


His most recent work, a long-time coming sci-fi series, Daring the Sun, premiered at TCAF 2023. It follows astronaut Crash Daring in the distant future, who finds himself far from Earth struggling to survive on a savage, alien world. 


Scott continues to self-publish his swords and sorcery epic, No Rask for the Wicked. Inspired by an ongoing Dungeons & Dragons campaign played with his long-time friends, it chronicles the exploits of an unscrupulous rogue, a befuddled wizard, and a mysterious ghost.  


Along with his comic work, Scott has also written, drawn, and published the children’s book Anywhere can be Everywhere. Conceived during the pandemic and based on his daughters, it is the story of two young girls who use their imagination to overcome a rainy day. 


Born in the Ottawa Valley and raised in the wilds of Northern Ontario, Scott now finds his home in London, Ontario. There with his wife Sok Yee, and their daughters Hera and Freya, he writes, draws, and works at his life's passion. That passion was ignited when, at an early age, Scott’s grandfather bought him an issue of Conan the Barbarian. Finding himself opened to a world of imagination, he soon discovered Star Wars, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, and their like, and his future path was set. Scott has been exploring brave new worlds through his comics and art ever since.

Some of my work available here
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