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A children's early readers picture book about two sisters, Hera and Freya, who cannot go outside due to a rainy day. They use their imagination to then transform their home into places of adventure.


This picture book aimed at younger readers, was really inspired during the pandemic. Being able to spend that extra time with my kids, allowed me to experience and share more moments that I would have missed out on had I been in an office for 8 hrs a day. As difficult as it was, for my daughters to not be able to go out and play with friends or go to school, they used their wild imaginations and were able to deal with the lockdown. To keep things more fun I decided to instead of focusing on the pandemic I would base the book on dealing with a rainy day. There will always be rainy days hopefully we’re done with pandemics.


This is a 36 page full colour, 7.25" x 9.25" hardcover book.

Anywhere can be Everywhere

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